What's Behind the Door? Peel Away Paint LED Lamp/ Night Light





Introduction: What's Behind the Door? Peel Away Paint LED Lamp/ Night Light

What's inside your bedroom door?

Step 1: Gather Materials

I used very inexpensive materials, most of which I bought at the dollar store.


  • Foam Poster Board
  • Poster Board Paper
  • Blue Vellum Paper
  • Parchment Paper
  • Toggle Switch
  • Battery
  • Glue Gun
  • LED Lights- The ones I used were already connected because I pulled them out of a toy- one of those light up swords.
  • Poster Tape- To hang it on the door.

Step 2: Cut Everything

  1. Take the poster paper and slice in half diagonally (the poster paper I used was 11"x 14").
  2. Then, take that piece and use it as a guide to cut the foam poster board, the vellum, and the parchment paper.
  3. Take the poster board and cut 1" wide strips that will be used for the walls of the box.

Step 3: Paint

Paint the poster paper and the outside parts of the 1" strips of foam board to match the color of your door. I used acrylic paint to do this.

Step 4: Glue

  1. With a gun, glue the 1" strips on TOP of the triangle you cut out from the foam board.
  2. Glue the poster paper to the inside of the longest strip.

Step 5: Light It Up

  1. Remove the bulky part of the switch and cut a small hole for the switch to poke through. The hole should be about halfway down the longest side of the triangle.
  2. Glue the switch in place.
  3. Throw the LEDs into the box and connect all the wires. I would have soldered it but I wasn't able to.

Step 6: Cover It Up and Hang It

  1. Use glue and some small pins to attach the vellum and parchment paper to the top.
  2. Do not glue or pin anything on the longest side, leave that side open. The hot glue gun should work to attach the vellum, but not the parchment paper- use small sewing pins for that.

Step 7: Hang It

Use double sided tape or poster tape to attach the backside to the door. Flip the switch and enjoy!



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    19 Discussions

    a great idea!

    Nice! An EL panel would look even better!

    You might consider an EL panel instead of the LEDs.

    You should be able to get all of the materials for $10-15. The total cost will really depend on how much you spend on the switch and the lights.

    Thank you, everyone! The door opens and closes with no problems; the light is not an obstruction. But, if that were a problem, it could simply be moved to the other corner.

    Nice light, and battery power means you will not risk messing up the house current. Too bad our friend may not have followed the directions correctly. :(


    3 years ago

    Correction, I did it


    3 years ago

    Very Interesting , You must be having HUGE brains............. Because I did and miserably failed and I messed it up soooooooo bad that I had to pay $12000 to fix it up because I disabled the whole house lights

    amazing difrent idea

    Very cool and different.

    Very clever; awesome job!

    Oh my god so cool and awesome... Vote!

    This is so cool and random! I love it!