Introduction: What's Inside? #7: Phone Camera (Taking Apart Electronic Devices)

Picture of What's Inside? #7: Phone Camera (Taking Apart Electronic Devices)

This is a camera that I took apart from a friends phone**, Let's open it!

Please note that these are tiny, so the don't expect the best pictures ever, it's not easy to focus the camera with these... If I'll ever buy a microscope, I'll re-do this Instructable

**Some kind of Samsung phone, I cant remember exactly which one

Step 1: Prying It Open With a Screwdriver

I used a small screwdriver to pry it open

Step 2: The (Tiny!) Lens

Picture of The (Tiny!) Lens

These are the lens of the camera, you can see how small they are in the second picture!

Step 3: The Camera Itself

Picture of The Camera Itself

I've heard that this is called the "CCD Module" Or the "Camera Sensor"

The camera can't catch the "beauty" of this, But it still looks pretty cool!

Step 4: Thanks for Watching!

I know this was a really small "What's Inside", But:

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed this "What's Inside" Instructable!

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Hi,Can I make an independent project with this camera?

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