What's in My Survival/first Aid Kit You Ask?





Introduction: What's in My Survival/first Aid Kit You Ask?

These items! Got a quick little video explaining the items within my kit, and why I have those particular items. Also, I have some photos below for those of you that would rather read for yourself then listen to my rambling (Though I tried to make the video not boring!)

Step 1: First Aid

What the title says, this is the first aid section.

Step 2: Fire!

Fire/Fire starting devices!

Step 3: Other Items!

Including cordage/ Duct tape. etc.



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    Nice.... Where do u live in tennessee cuz i live in tennessee too.

    You may want to consider wrapping a few feet of duct tape around the outside.

    I would also suggest an Epipen,just in case. You never know what you may get stung/bitten by.

    So far so good !!

    But you DEFINETLY need:
    - some sort of knife in there AND
    - scalpel/razor blade

    You should also benefit:
    - some more safety pins,
    - zip-ties
    - rubber bands
    - sewing kint
    - saw blade
    - gauze
    - pencil/paper/pen

    I'm happy you did not put any fishing stuff in there: it' way too over-rated
    Also one rule I use is that "if the quantity of an item you bring is too few/little/small, then it's of no use at all".

    not enough supply how true! I always make room for a roll of some strong fishing line...

    Yes! A knife is a must! I need to get one!
    I do have razor blades in there, they are taped to the top of the lid ^w^
    More safety pins would be great, and you would thing with all the sewing I do, I would remember to put that in there! Hahaha.

    Thanks that's really a great idea! you could use it for toothpaste!

    One of the things I always see in the first aid kits that I buy is tea, sugar, and salt. Nice kit though!!!

    Thank you! :0)
    And yes, those would be good things to have in a kit. I always shuffle my kit accordingly depending upon what I'm going out to do be it a light hike at a state park or heavy hiking or camping out in the wilderness.

    Nice kit. If you are looking for a nice, usable knife, I recommend the STL2 by Gerber. very compact but all metal, with a locking frame and only about $12 to 15 (US) at Walmart or other stores.