What's the LEAST Survival Gear You could carry? The Essential EDC Pocket

Step 7: The Survival Hangers On

Picture of The Survival Hangers On
You can imagine since I used my smallest pouch that it's getting pretty full.  BUT .....

There are useful items I still want to include.  Use all of your space wisely:
  • I slipped a toothbrush along the edge. 
  • With rings or chains, I added a whistle (most important for buried, lost or being attacked)
  • A "Clue Game" for a child
  • A rechargeable glow stick
  • An LED light
  • Clamps for bleeding wound, and more
  • 1st Aid Kit with band-aids and NeoSporin
These are tucked down in the pouch so as not to rattle.  The smaller objects are secured with rings or chains in case they bounce out if I run or jog.

I'd rather have something and not need it
Rather than need something and not have it.
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