Whatsapp Doodle Like Background





Introduction: Whatsapp Doodle Like Background

Hello, this is a video tutorial for making doodle like backgrounds

Step 1: Make Doodle Background in Photoshop.

You can try it in any version of photoshop you have, all the photoshop versions have same tools.

Step 2: Download and Upload Photoshop Brush.

You can download photoshop brushes of your choice like this one http://www.brusheezy.com/brushes/1374-handmade-do...

If you don't want to download any brushes you can also use default photoshop brushes which are already there, as shown in image 2 and 3, Append if you want to add the selected brushe without removing the brushes already there or click on 'ok' to add just selected brush...

Step 3: Done!

Make different backgrounds of different colors, using other doodle brushes.

Don't forget to share your background with all of us in the comments below.

Thank you. :)



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    Thanks for the tutorial! I made this one :-)

    whatsapp wall3.jpg

    Great! That's really nice :)

    Cute! You've shown everything step by step in the video. Very easy, I tried it in photoshop 7 works really well and i got familiar with photoshop tools by your tutorial. Thank you :)

    Did you make all these backgrounds? They're cute!

    Thanks for sharing how to do this!