Picture of Wheel Balancer Stand
A motorbike wheel balancer or spoked wheel truing stand built with no welding.

I wanted to build this without welding but still have it adjustable for the initial setting up.

Step 1: Components laid out.

Picture of Components laid out.
A sort of exploded view of all the components, which include
  • 6 bolts
  • 4 brass screws
  • 2 pine 38mm square roofing battens
  • flat iron base plate 350mmx 50mm x 8mm thick
  • 2 rectangular tubing 400mm x 37mm x 15mm
  • 2 pieces angle iron
  • 4 NSK 608z bearings, preferably metal shield low drag type, not the rubber shield
  • 4 drilled and tapped metal plates 5mm thick
Just a note on the keeper plates which I drilled and tapped to suit the M8 bolts I was using, one could just as well glue a nut on the underside of the plate and make the slots in the rectangular tubes match the plate and nut profile.

Bverysharp8 months ago

Nice job. At some stage down the track I will build this. Thanks for the good pics & explanations. Well done.

petercd (author) 2 years ago
Yes in theory for auto wheels, you'd have to take off the entire wheel at the bearings or have some sort of adapter which the rim would bolt to, and then you'd probably need quite a thick bar with tapered cones to center the wheel.

I came up with this stand in order to redo my Royal Enfield wheels after dismantling for plating and powder coating, so a big yes for motorcycle tyres too.
Could this be used for automotive/motorcycle tires?