Picture of Wheel Center Cap from Fence Post Cap
Bought these wheels a couple years ago and they didn't come with center caps and I didnt really want to pay the $40 to $60 for a set of these..... so no caps. Last summer I was setting outside on the porch and the two items came together and now have 4 center caps for about $10 and about 1/2 hr of work.

(Note: this most likely will not fit or work on just any wheel, not responsable for any injury or damage) 
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Step 1: Measure for fit

Picture of Measure for fit
Measure wheel cap opening and fence post diamenter.

(Note: for options - big box stores do carry a couple of different sizes.)

Step 2: Tools required

Picture of Tools required
No reason to fetch tools until you know caps will fit.

(Note: Safety first, Please wear all (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment and beware of the dangers of your equipment before use.

Tools Required:
  1. Calipers or measuring tool
  2. Bench Grinder or sander (file would work also)
  3. Soft blow hammer
  4. Caulking gun - Silicone (backup plan for loose fit)
  5. Sand paper

Step 3: Grind cap edge

Picture of Grind cap edge
Grind fence cap edge if needed - test fit - grind - test fit until fit is snug.

(Note: Cap could get hot from friction) 

Step 4: Sand or sandblast and paint cap

Picture of Sand or sandblast and paint cap
Sand, sandblast and paint if wanted before installing into wheel

Step 5: Finish project

Picture of Finish project
Using soft blow hammer tap cap into wheel opening. Can use silicone if you are worried about cap flying out or if cap is loose (your backup plan).

(Note: Currently refinishing wheels so not painting until I paint wheels)

Hope yo enjoyed, thanks for looking
Good Day!
caitlinsdad2 years ago
Unpainted galvanized steel fence caps may rust on you, especially with road salt.