Bought these wheels a couple years ago and they didn't come with center caps and I didnt really want to pay the $40 to $60 for a set of these..... so no caps. Last summer I was setting outside on the porch and the two items came together and now have 4 center caps for about $10 and about 1/2 hr of work.

(Note: this most likely will not fit or work on just any wheel, not responsable for any injury or damage) 
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Step 2: Tools required

No reason to fetch tools until you know caps will fit.

(Note: Safety first, Please wear all (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment and beware of the dangers of your equipment before use.

Tools Required:
  1. Calipers or measuring tool
  2. Bench Grinder or sander (file would work also)
  3. Soft blow hammer
  4. Caulking gun - Silicone (backup plan for loose fit)
  5. Sand paper
Unpainted galvanized steel fence caps may rust on you, especially with road salt.