My daughter turned seven on 9/28, and for her birthday she wanted a Wheel-Of-WOW cake. In case you don't know what a W-O-W is, it's from Webkinz World(www.webkinz.com).

It didn't come out as well as I thought it would, and I will talk about some of the things that I would do differently in the last step. I'm still proud of it, however!

Step 1: Make a Turntable

All good cake makers have turn tables especially made just for turning their cakes as they decorate them. Unfortunately, I'm neither a good cake maker, or in possession of such a wonderful thing. Time to improvise.

First, I need something like a lazy-susan (why is she lazy?) to turn the cake on, and then something to put on top of the turny thing to put the cake on.

I took the wheel out of my microwave, and used a cutting board (mistake number one) to put on top of it.

It worked very well, but it was still a mistake. I'll explain why in the last step.
I like cooking so I should do this and show you some time<br>
I &lt;3 webkinz
Nice work just take away the money. Aka: germs! Yuck! #gross
Cute... But, i suggest you don't put real money on the cake. Germs, yuck!
meh j.k its amazing. <br>
I love webkinz i play it a lot with my friends great job on the cake
my sister loves webkinz. I'll make this for her birthday
Man! i wish i could do something totally awesome like that.
cool webkinz is fun but i dont go on too much anymore
looks just like the wheel when I play on webkinz!
isn't this like on Webkinz?
Yes. That's what it's supposed to be.
oh, yeah, my cousin loves webkinz, and I used the ones she gave me and I made and iPod covers out of them... can't remember how though...
pretty cool. but at first I thought that it was made out of clay...
Once when I was like 8, I was having a "buried treasure"party, and my mom put frozen chocolate coins IN the cake. The foil and chocolate stayed cool, but warmed up in the oven (not to much, it held it's shape), and when everyone was eating their cake, they found "buried treasure"! Also, don't buy frosting, make it: 2C confectionery sugar (regular sugar DOESN'T work) A small slice melted butter/margarine a couple drops vanilla extract (or any flavor) water-can't say how much a pinch of salt mix all together in bowl except water Turn on the faucet to a small-medium flow, and "dunk" bowl into flow for a second. mix, and keep adding water until it is as thick as you want it. It is WAY cheaper than store bought icing/frosting, plus it doesn't stay all wet, it semi-dries
Nice project, but when you said 'wow' I was thinking world of warcraft. LoL!
wow nice cake i just hate webkins
me too
I am not familiar with Webkinz, so can't say if I like or dislike same. But simply had to comment as your cake reminds me of some my (deceased) mother made. They were not decorated as fancy as this (great job by the way) and were also different in that she would take a penny and other small items (wish I could remember what) wrapped in wax paper, insert them in the cake batter, then bake as usual. And all this for why? Was it on birthdays or some other special occasion? Wish I could remember that as well. LOL Thanks for taking me on a short trip down "Memory Lane."
I know they do a King Cake for Christmas and Mardi Gras (twisted bread dough covered with royal icing) where they bake things in it. A baby, a "rag", money, etc. each meaning different things for the lucky person who gets them in their piece.
ha,ha. I'll have to make this for my little sister for her birthday. She loves Webkinz.

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