This stool is for TenkaizuBudokai 3rd (Stool contest at Ogaki Mini Maker 2014).

Material:MDF2.5mm 300*500mm 18sheets, 300*300mm 6sheets


How to make:

1. Cut MDF using a laser cutting machine.

2. Assemble all parts.


laser cutting machine : Oh Laser HAJIME, UNIVERSAL VLS3.50

Software : Rhinoceros > Illustrator


Stool contest:



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CrayfishYAY1 month ago

Can those parts actually move? Or is this just a model?

jdamon21 month ago
Better than steel wool
rengisedeht1 month ago

Instructions by shoe maker

"Just Do It"

neffk1 month ago

Sorry to be a negative nelly but where are the instructions? Could you at least add an explanation of how this stool is unique or interesting? Looks like you're confusing instructables with a wobsite where people just dump pictures without explanation, like facebook or flickr.

nickmh1 month ago

Picture's are nice... not a lot of it being assembled or used though. I'm sure the part resources are greatly appreciated by anyone who wants to make this but I'm afraid these instructions may be a little lacking. "Make parts. Assemble parts." It sounds like hyperbole but that's exactly what it says.

Very nice finished product. If I designed it myself I would definitely make it taller.

e-beth1 month ago
Is there a video of it in action?
colorrot1 month ago
how come there are no pictures of anyone sitting on it?
akrims1 month ago
Astonishing project for real! But I'm confused about how many mdf I would need for this project, could you please help me out?

Looks like 6 sheets of 300x300 mm mdf and 18 sheets of 300x500 mm mdf

TommyB431 month ago

Now to find a laser cutter :) Are the drawings in 1 to 1 scale ?

This is a beautiful piece of work Art and Engineering combined Well done :)

unclelar2 months ago

That is fricking amazing,great job,beautiful design.Sure wish I had a laser cutter :-(

tofu9112 months ago
Beautiful stool. Love that you can sit and roll around.
MrRedBeard2 months ago

Look at all the moving parts! Amazing