Introduction: Wheelchair Drink/Can/Bottle Holder

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Hands free, drink transportation. Great for trips to the bar. Fits normal drink cooler items

Step 1: What You'll Need

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- A drink cooler
- Two cable ties
- A small sharp tool

Step 2: Make Two Small Holes

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Puncture the cooler near the top and the bottom so that the holes are behind the coolers seam. Make sure not to get close to the edges as it may become weak over time.

Step 3: Thread the Cable Ties

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Thread the ties through the holes and make them even on both sides. Make sure they are facing the right way to zip up

Step 4: Choose a Suitable Position

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Once the cable ties are tight, the cooler will be fixed into place so it's important to choose a suitable position to attach. On my chair I have the advantage of the castor arm sticking out to help with load bearing. (load isn't normally an issue as my previous chair had a different setup and held the cooler tightly even on a straight, clear bar.)

Step 5: Trim the Ties

Picture of Trim the Ties

Trim any excess cable tie off and be sure to turn the head of the tie right up against the cooler to prevent scratching of the legs.


aquious (author)2013-10-23

Thanks mate

canida (author)2013-10-23

Nice hack! Simple and useful. :)

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