Introduction: WheelchairDecor

Being in a wheelchair myself, I know how intimidating they can be...that is why I came up with these Wheelchair Jackets, and opened my online shop WheelchairDecor.  With these handmade jackets, lap blankets, and decorations my wheelchair became a fun friend...adding personality and a unique style!  If you are in a wheelchair or know someone who is,  these Wheelchair Jackets will bring a lot of fun in a not-so-fun situation!

Following is a tutorial on how to make a Wheelchair Jacket!

Step 1: Step 1

Step 1: Cut your fabric to 18” x 38”
    From the selvage, cut four, 7” x 2 1/2” strips.

Step 2: Step 2-3

Step 2: Fold the strips in half, right sides together, and sew along one end and one long     side using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.
Step 3: Clip corners

Step 3: Step 4-5

Step 4: Turn strips right side out
Step 5: Iron strips

Step 4: Step 6

Step 6: Cut two 6” Velcro strips and two 1” Velcro strips

Step 5: Step 7

Step 7: Attach one side of Velcro strip to each of the four fabric strips

Step 6: Step 8

Step 8: Lay fabric flat. Measure 4” from the bottom of the fabric (not the fold); pin strip in place. Measure 13” inches from the bottom of the fabric (not the fold); pin strip in place.

Step 7: Step 9-10

Step 9: Turn fabric over. Pin 1” Velcro strip exactly opposite the strips on the other side; measuring 1” in from edge. Baste in place.
Step 10: Be sure to match Velcro teeth on strip to fuzz on the other side. Sew in place

Step 8: Step 11

Step 11: Place front and back of jacket with right sides together.

Step 9: Step 12-13

Step 12: Using a 1/2” seam – sew the front to the back on three sides, leaving the bottom open for turning.
Step 13: Clip corners. Turn right side out.

Step 10: Step 14

Step 14: Starting at the top, iron the three sewn edges of the jacket.

Step 11: Step 15-16

Step 12: Finished Wheelchair Jacket

This is a full view of the finished jacket...each one is reversible so you get two styles in one item!

Step 13: How It Looks!

This is how a Wheelchair Jacket looks on a wheelchair...a lot more inviting and fun than just a plain wheelchair!



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    Nice, a great way to personalize a wheelchair.

    It would be nice to see something like this in nursing homes. It would be a good one to share with community sewing groups. Such a great idea!

    Nice job with the instructable -- Love the pictures and thorough explanation.

    Pictures always seem to make a project easier...thanks for your kind comment!

    Awesome! Very nice work indeed.

    Thanks, I appreciate your comment!

    Love it!

    That looks great! Thanks for the clear tutorial.
    And you've definitely got some cute wheelchair covers in your Etsy shop too. ;)