Introduction: Wheels That Shine Forever!

Easily get that grimy dust/dirt buildup off of your wheels or rims while simultaneously preventing future buildup.


Clayton H. (author)2009-01-28

Dose it protect against road salt?

slimguy379 (author)Clayton H.2009-08-10

lol, are u in NY? people over there in cali have never heard of road salt :P

Clayton H. (author)slimguy3792009-08-11

I live in Ohio.

greeenpro (author)Clayton H.2009-01-28

To an extent. Not entirely though.

dchall8 (author)2008-05-25

WHATEVER YOU DO, do NOT spray WD-40 directly on to the wheel. There will be enough that sprays through the spokes and directly onto the brake rotor to cause problems stopping.

greeenpro (author)dchall82008-05-26

Absolutely..thank you for alerting people to that. If you try this, definitely spray it onto the cloth and not onto the wheel.

LinuxH4x0r (author)2008-05-25

Good idea! I'll definitely try this

greeenpro (author)LinuxH4x0r2008-05-25

it's almost magical in its effectiveness....quite surprising :)

theRIAA (author)2008-05-25

I like the idea. alloy wheel cleaner is expensive, and WD-40 by the gallon is a lot cheaper. but you should use a wheel brush, using a rag like that will dull the finish, but remember that WD-40 attracts dust, and I don't know if that thin caoting of WD-40 would last long...

greeenpro (author)theRIAA2008-05-25

The thin coating lasts surprisingly long and is resilient to dirt AND dust believe it or not...thanks for viewing and commmenting. I like the wheel brush idea :)

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