Whelping Box for a Large Dog





Introduction: Whelping Box for a Large Dog

Build a large whelping box for your expecting dog.

Step 1: Ideas

I build this box for my female German Shepherd so its good for big dogs. I don't have pictures of is construction ,but I thought this might give you some ideas.
It's 4'W by 4-1/2' L ft.
The framework is made of 2x4's and the sides are 3/4" particle board.(I didn't have any plywood so I used these pieces that were left over from our barn roof. The front is hinged and secured on the sides with hasps. Good luck!

If you have any questions, complaints, or ideas please comment below!



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    Thanks for the post. I would higly recommend to mount a line of 2x4s inside the box to create a safe zone for the puppies so that they do not get squeezed between the wall of the box and their mother.

    Thank you for your comment. I read that in a Monks of New Skete book but never did it because mydog never became ppregnant. Guess I jumped the gun a bit. Anyhow I'm ready for next time. Thank you for you're advise!