Step 114: Shouldered Security Keys

Picture of Shouldered Security Keys
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Produced by at least 3 different companies Diversified Security Systems, Channell Commercial Corporation and NewElectronx

Channell Commercial Corporation
Security StarLock key designed for opening Cable TV PEDs and some MDU lock boxes for apartments.

Slamlock Shouldered StarLock Key
Available from NewElectronx, the Shouldered StarLock Key does not have a pin in the middle of the tool. The Key will fit any 1/4 inch screw driver. Many CATV Telecommunications enclosures use this slamlock/starlock tool to open and lock Shouldered Star Locks / Slam Locks / Lock Box (lockbox) / secured cable line pedestals. The Shouldered StarLock Key is designed to fit most low profile pedestals and can be used on many Cable TVS outside lock box enclosures / boxes. This tool can be used to replace any Diversified, Channell Commercial Corporation, etc security key. Only sold to licensed or authorized field technicians.

They have several configurations available including 4, 5 (2 types), 6, 7, 8 lobes.
The Nutdriver Key is also known as a Sided Slam Lock Star Key, Diversified PED Key, Pedestal Key, Flower Shape Key, Slamlock Nutdriver Point Star Key, Slam Box CATV Security Open Tool, CATV Key Diversifed Star Tool, Cable TV Security, or Cable Box Enclosure Opener Tool.