Step 23: Hi-Torque/Connie® Drive Type II

Picture of Hi-Torque/Connie® Drive Type II
0275 dovetail hi-torque style 2.jpg
0275 hi-torque type 2.jpg
[[br]]Alcoa Fastening Systems Conical (Connie®Torque® proprietary recess incorporates an innovative design that provides more ready assistance during installation to assure positive alignment of tool-to-recess. An advance beyond the Speed Drive, the high-performance Hi-Torque® has a conical recess centered on its familiar bow tie undercut shape.

Meeting all the requirements of the ultimate recess and with the full capability being installed at high torque values, the system also has sufficient torque reserve for sure and positive removal, even after years of service life. The Connie®Torque®, with its simple driving tool point and matching recess cone, assures relatively rapid and positive engagement as well as rotational alignment. Further, the seating of the blade tip into the recess holds the blade in place without the need for end load. The better alignment feature assures reduced assemble and maintenance costs: speeding the work with less chance of damage to adjacent structure.[[br]]

Dodgy5 years ago
Something similar to this can be found on old (early 80's) Nintendo Game & Watches.
The long slot sides are parallel, and I guess the hemispherical dip in the middle is to help the screwdriver bit centre in the screw. I presumed they had automated machines installing the screws. I can take macro photos if needed.
Would certainly be interesting to see. If you wouldn't mind.