Step 6: Round Head With Blank Head

Picture of Round Head With Blank Head
0050 round blank screw.jpg
I accidentally found this unique drive head system while working on the original Phillips project and since it did not apply there have since lost the specific information and the links. The remembered information is that it was a Japanese news article (google translated the webpage from Japanese) discussing a recent invention. The screw head has no markings and is round and blank. The screw head mimics a rivet, to discourage vandels. The driver utilized a heated ceramic head that when heated and the screw head expanded the grip would be tight enough to drive the screw. Once cooled the screw became virtually tamperproof unless heated by the same driver head unit.
jarfil2 years ago
It seems somewhat dodgy, given that:

- The japanese web it was on seems to be down ( http://www.seihin-world.com/s/2005/07/03_1551.php references news at NTT and asahi which seem to have been retired).
- The photo seems to be photoshopped from one available at http://nejikouba.com/titan2.htm

As a comparison: