Step 70: Torx-Plus® Security

Picture of Torx-Plus® Security
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[[br]]The Torx-Plus® Security Screw is an upgrade from its predecessor (6-Lobe TX Security Screw) providing a higher degree of security as the design is patented and the driver bits are limited to Torx-Plus® distributors. The vandal resistant Torx-Plus® Security Screw has a unique 5-Lobe Torx head that requires a special driver bit for insertion, which is registered to restrict and control availability. This unique feature renders the TorxPlus® Security Screw tamper proof, reducing the risk of vandals or intruders tampering or undoing the screws.

Manufacturers the world over are discovering how the Torx® Drive increases torque transfer, extends tool life, and increases productivity on their assembly lines. Features include a non-symmetrical, elliptically-based geometric configuration; five lobes with solid post in center of recess; concentricity and tight tolerances of special tools make them very difficult to counterfeit.

Currently, Torx-Plus® heads and drivers are patented, slowing adoption in the marketplace, but is licensed to a number of tool manufacturers including Camcar and Facom. The control for these licenses are held by Textron.[[br]]