Step 76: Penta-Plus™

Picture of Penta-Plus™
0540 penta-plus pix.jpg
[[br]]The geometry of Penta-Plus™ makes it more secure than all other tamper proof screws. Penta-Plus™ is proprietary to Bryce Fastener and configured to keep Torx-pin and Hex-pin tamper-resistant bits out. Other tamperproof screws have bit tips sold on the open market. Penta-Plus™ is sold only by Bryce Fastener to maintain its integrity as a high security tamper-proof screw. Penta-Plus™ has been proven to be tamper-resistant and vandal-proof in some of the most extreme situations (securing laptop computers in open kiosks) without failure. Next to the Keyed-Lok™ security lock, this is the most tamper proof screw on the market.

Center pin is oversized. Configured to keep Torx® hex-pin bits out. Bit tips are tight fitting, allowing more torque than almost all other tamper-proof screws. The Penta-Plus™ screw and drivers are controlled. The bit tips are only sold to the user of the screws. The pentagram geometry is extremely secure and difficult to make.[[br]]
alex56k11 months ago

Where can I buy the bit for Penta-Plus ?