Step 30: What next? A sequal! Yipee!!!

Picture of What next?  A sequal! Yipee!!!
When I wrote this "ible" the original intent was to stick to Phillips look-a-likes. It grew to this.

Due to input and interest shown by readers, I'm already working on a sequal, or re-write to include combo drives, security drives, and incorporate comments and new pictures.

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Stay Tuned!
cdavisson5 years ago
Any information on triangular headed screws would be great too!  Seems that more and more of the things  my kids get have those.
srunner6 years ago
excellent, nicely informative. can't wait for tri-wing, spanner head, bristol, and the various one-ways.
arcticpenguin (author)  srunner6 years ago
Thanks... can't wait for a good contest to enter it.
I just want to know where I can get a universal set of *all* known security bits. I do have an extensive collection of the more common ones, especially in computer/telecom use, but some of the more bizarre ones (pentagon head? seven lobed??) still elude me. Granted, I won't be disassembling any satellites any time soon, but it would be fun to have a "reverse" driver for those 'one way security flathead' screws that bathroom stalls are assembled with. I had to use those to keep 'tards from stealing my automobile license plates, and it sucks to have to Dremmel or tap them out every four years for a new plate.
Google "tamper proof screwdriver" I have the Whia set which covers most fasteners and has some pretty high quality Phillips and Pozi-drive bits to boot. I also have one one of the inexpensive 30 some-odd bit sets. The "reverse" driver for the bathroom stall screws is the one with the two prongs and the recess in the middle, it surprised me how it worked (doesn't seem like it would just by looking at it).
Great article, I look forward to the sequel, particularly something about Torx fasteners.
Outcast6 years ago
Do something on hexagon cap screw or screw threads. Any of it will be awesome!