Introduction: Where Did My Icons Go

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This instructable will show you how to make someone's icons look like they went away.

Very funny joke!

Step 1: Task Manager

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First press:


Step 2: Processes

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Next press the Processes tab on the top 

(To the right of Applications)

Step 3: Explorer.exe

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After that scroll down until you see the line that says:


Step 4: End Process

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Then press the End Process button in the bottom right corner

(make sure that before you do this the explorer.exe is blue)

Step 5: Have Fun

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Now you just have to do that on someone who won't sue you are chase after you with an AK-47.

Just have some fun on April Fools!!     o{-<]: 

P.S. to get the icons back log off and log back on!!


Hiyadudez (author)2012-04-02

Couldnt you just

-Rightclick your desktop
-Go to View > Hide Desktop Items

Infamous Sk8r (author)Hiyadudez2012-04-09

You could, but for my PC you can't do that because it doesn't have "Go to View."

But good idea!

Hiyadudez (author)Infamous Sk8r2012-04-09

I mean when you right-click your desktop, there should be an option that says "View" and in that sub-menu an option that says "Hide desktop items".

Infamous Sk8r (author)Hiyadudez2012-04-10

Mine doesn't have view

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