Where Can You Find Free Magnets?





Introduction: Where Can You Find Free Magnets?

This is where I usually find all my Magnets for my magnet collection:



HDD's (hard disks)

Fans (These are round magnets and usually really soft, With that comes the weakness :( )

Regular electric motors

I've also found Magnets inside of a microwaves magnetron, But that is really dangerous and you should only do it if you know what you are doing...

Please contact me if you have another idea for where can you find Magnets!




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    I use the four small magnets from the inside end of the Phillips Sonicare tooth brushes. They take a bit of leveraged to dislodge, but are small but powerful. I use a vise grip to hold the magnets and then bend the brush structure and they pop off as a set. You can also pull the four apart with a bit more work.

    I use the intact brush and magnet for picking up small metal parts from debris, collecting staples,... I put some on the back of a plastic lid with tape and they keep small metal screws and bolts from wandering away.

    They sound similar to the ones that're found in ROMs for Disks. They're really small, but extremely strong and surprisingly useful.

    Thanks for the suggestion! :)

    -Where I live we get advertising magnets on our phone books. They're great for crafting.

    Same here :)

    I guess they're good for crafting, but they aren't strong enough to hold anything.

    Pawerful magnets from scrap dvd lences

    Yup! I forgot about that!

    I have quite a bit of those tiny neodymium magnets. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Have you ever considered a cow magnet? Don't know what it is? It's a magnet that they put down into a cows stomach to keep wire etc from going thought the other stomach chambers.

    Never heard of those...

    I don't have cows anywhere close to my house but... Thanks for the suggestion! :)