I love to make things and do projects. For me it's not about having hobbies, making stuff is the lens I view the world through. As I contemplated what to include in the "share your space" contest it got me to thinking about where does our workspace end and our home begin? In our case that line is awfully fuzzy. Since my projects are all over the place I decided to include all of the spots projects happen from classic workshop to cooking, sewing and gardening areas.

My family and I live in a 1,100 sf double-wide mobile home. It's very easy for the four of us to become overwhelmed with clutter especially when you get a few projects going. Several years ago I remodeled it which helped the way it looks inside and out (goodbye vintage shag carpeting and fake wood paneling) but it didn't address the quick-to-clutter situation. We're always balancing an unchecked project habit with an interest in having a relatively uncluttered living space. This has led to erecting out buildings (for cheap) as well as trying to make maximum use of the space we do have. So come along and let's take walk around the place.

Step 1: The Worktable

Up to three years ago we had a pretty standard living room; sofa, chairs, TV etc.  After a visit to my 95 yr old grandmother who was a professional artist and has reduced her life down to the essentials due to space and age we came away inspired by the large worktable that dominated her small study.  This table has been in her studio for many decades.  I remember it being a treasure trove of surprises when I used to visit as a kid.  She had all her supplies and tools readily available.  It was a functional workspace as well as a statement about where her priorities lay.  Upon arriving home we got rid of the TV, put all of our furniture on wheels and I built this work table.  Now you can wheel all the furniture away and spread out all over the floor when you need to cut out fabric, put together a science fair poster or build a metal casting furnace in the dead of winter.   The beauty of this thing is that it let's us keep a massive amount of materials and tools handy but they can all get put away easily. 
<p>I am personally of the opinion that if you're going to work at home, you need to make the space conducive. There needs to be a way that you can close off the rest of the world so you can focus on getting things done. For me, I'm glad that I don't live TOO far away from the storage facility to actually pop into the office to work if I can't at home!</p>
Where does a workspace end and a home begin? According to my dear wife recently, it definitely stops well before the kitchen bench, and preferably at the workshop door...
looks like paradise to me !!! <br>
You must have a most understanding wife
I love your approach to functional living, and fairly organized too!<br>&hellip;or, at least your piles are tidy. I'll have to work on mine.<br>We have similar interests.<br>Betsy
Great Life! Good Job!
I love it! it looks cool!

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