Step 3: Get paint

Next my husband and I made a trip to Lowes to get paint. I didn't want a flat latex paint so we chose one with a satin finish that would be easy to clean made by Valspar that has a built in primer as well to allow for fewer coats and more coverage. I brought my book with me to match up colors. I knew I would be mixing some colors, so I could get just a few to work with. 2 shades of green, brown, yellow, white, peach, pink, red, light blue and black. I had a bucket of blue at home to use as well. I used an assortment of brushes from fine line brushes for detail work at the end to large brushes and rollers for the base coats and larger areas.

You can see the buckets of paint in the mirror.
Absolutely Fabulous! You are extremely talented to have sketched this out w/o an opaque projector. Definitely have an eye for color also ~ well done!
Awe shucks...Thank you. I definately took some trial and error to mix the right colors.
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL work of art!!!
Thanks. It was a fun project!
This is just brilliant - amazing job!
Thanks. I was really happy with how it turned out. Our little guy even talks to his buddies on the walls in his crib.
Let the wild rumpas start! <br> <br>i love it.
Above should have read rumpus, but hey.
Thanks. I was worried it may not get finished in time before my kiddo was born, but it did.
Thanks. I think I was working on mommy power the whole time, because out was obviously not sleep those 2 1/2 months.

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