Step 2: Lasers!

First I covered the wood I was using with protective paper.

And then I entirely screwed up my first draft and Randy had to save me. Make sure your document size is right!

I made sure all my cut lines were hairline thickness, and all my etch lines were 1.0 pt thickness. The text will etch itself. (At this point I was editing in Corel Draw.)

The settings for the Epilog laser we use at ibles were 90/100 for raster, 15/60/500 for vector.

It took about 25 minutes to complete!
Of course there is nothing wrong with using whatever Hi-tech tools you have!..It is done for a "vote"..I would think a person would present a project that could be done by the majority of people if you wanted a "vote"..
I see where you're coming from now. Makes alot more sense this way. :)
I know I'll never have access to a laser cutter to be able to replicate this or other wonderful projects on here that require one but there are two things that are still clear to me... <br> <br>1) Doesn't mean I can't WISH for one..lol. <br>And 2) Just because I don't have one doesn't mean this isn't a darn good job! <br> <br>There's nothing wrong with using tools you have available to create things just because someone else doesn't have said tool. <br> <br>Great Job JRF!
Seeing how most of us cannot afford a laser cutter, useless to me...
It's true! But places like <a href="http://www.ponoko.com/">Ponoko </a>can do the laser cutting for you and it's pretty affordable. :) I've even though about uploading some of my projects there for easier access.
Could be done..I just prefer your older projects that you made with what you had at home..To me it required more skill and thinking..
Don't worry, they'll be coming back! These were only done for the Make it Real contest. :D Lots of sewing ones coming up soon, I think.
That is awesome! It turned out really great!

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