Where to Find the 5 Best Mac Apps Available





Introduction: Where to Find the 5 Best Mac Apps Available

The apps that will let you get the best out of your Apple Mac computer.

Step 1: VLC Media Player

The definitive freeware media player. This app fills all the holes where Quicktime's lack of essential codecs limits its compatibilty with some audio and video files. Supports DivX, MP3, AVI and most other formats. To download copy and paste the URL below into your address bar:

URL: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

Step 2: Firefox Browser

The fastest browser out there? Maybe, maybe not but it sure beats Apple's default browser Safari. Faster, customizable and extendable through the use of 'Add-ons' and available free of charge. As Firefox is open source many splinter browsers have been built on its basic structure. One such browser is Flock which aims to make the use of social networking sites easier and more enjoyable, well worth a look for keen Youtubers or Facebook/MySpace etc users.

Download URL(Firefox):

Download URL(Flock): http://www.download.com/Flock-Browser/3000-2143_4-10799113.html?tag=lst-5&cdlPid=10867915

Step 3: Limewire

The most publicised P2P client out there and not for no reason. It offers a staggering wealth of media free to download as well as the option to pay a one off fee for the Pro version that includes seriously rapid search and download times.

Download URL: http://www.download.com/LimeWire/3000-2179_4-10060774.html?tag=lst-2&cdlPid=10857786

Step 4: VMWare Fusion

This app, although not free, is one of the single most useful apps for the Mac. It is a long standing problem with Macs that developers do not always take the time to port apps to Mac due to its small(relative to Windows) user community. This app allows you to boot Windows into a 'Virtual Machine" and launch it from your dock to run any Windows app at very near native speeds.

Official Site URL: http://www.vmware.com/products/fusion/

Step 5: N

For a little light entertainment you can't beat N. It is a physics based platformer created by Metanet Software. As well as the main game experience, players can try the Ned level editor to create their own N levels. A solid user community exists which allows access to user created levels and forum discussion.

Download URL: http://www.harveycartel.org/metanet/downloads.html



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    I would add Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery App for Mac

    Or you could skip this part, pay for your music, and NOT get a plethora of viruses.

    1 reply

    I agree with you about the legal part, but Macs are virus-proof.

    Nice list. I would add Quicksilver though. http://www.blacktree.com/ Now I no longer have any apps on the Dock. :)

    does vmware come with windows pre installed or do you have to install it?

    1 reply

    vmware requires you to boot windows from your installation disc.

    Firefox does not come with Macs. Safari is the resident browser.

    I'd say that VLC is waaaaaay better on windows - the UI just makes more sense. Also, Firefox comes with Mac nowadays, so you can hardly recommend downloading it. Otherwise, nice!

    You would be better with frostwire... No ads and full speed for free

    I used to use Limewire on my Windows box at home, but when i got my Macbook I downloaded Frostwire. Its the open source version of Limewire, and has the "turbocharged" connection automatically. Has the exact same UI, except it's built on open source goodness. www.Frostwire.com . For a free virtual machine, Try Virtualbox (www.virtulabox.org). It runs on Linux, Windows, and OS X hosts, and is free of charge. I use it to run XP and Ubuntu Linux, and it works great, except some USB functionality is left to be desired. Overall, good choice of apps.

    camino is a better browser than firefox. it's made by mozilla, and uses bugger all system resources compared to firefox, while having more or less the same UI as firefox. only downside is that you can't have all the addons (it has adblock etc built in though) also check out opensourcemac.org (i think) for lots of other neat programs

    2 replies

    Camino better than Firefox?! Maybe, but lack of addons is a pretty serious downer. Cheers for the link, its a pretty neat site!

    ok, camino comes into its own if your mac doesn't have much memory, and you like to use firefox. firefox will make your mac start to chug pretty fast with multiple tabs, but camino doesn't :-) if you have lots of memory, it doesn't matter!

    While im a big Opera fanboy i'll leave aside the browser wars and recommend a few more programs. Adium is a great chat client that will handle most types of IM. The only other thing thats missing is the wonderful Quicksilver, an app launcer that can do almost anything.

    Thanks for commmenting guys, this is my first instructable so I really appreciate the feedback, thanks again!!

    I would add Handbrake to this list. It's the best free DVD ripper.

    2 replies

    Yeah, I agree, Handbrake is really good but I decided to limit the list to 5 and it didn't make the cut.


    N own!