Where to Find LED Lights... (Not in Shops)





Introduction: Where to Find LED Lights... (Not in Shops)

This is my first instructible so please go easy on the comments, thanks.
In this instructible i will show you where to find LED Lights...
(not in shops)

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Step 1: Finding LED's...

Dunno Wat To write, by the way just to say, throughout the steps i will just put pictures on, just to show u where u can get leds....

keyboards Have LED Lights !!!

Step 2: Old Cameras Have LED Lights !!!

Step 3: Remote Controls Have LED Lights !!!

Step 4: Computer Mouses Have LED Lights !!!

Step 5: Plug-In Air Fresheners Have LED Lights !!!

Step 6: Computer Speakers Have LED Lights !!!

Step 7: Old Phones Have LED Lights !!!

Step 8: Tvs Have LED Lights !!!

Step 9: Torches Have LED Lights !!!

Step 10: Computers Have LED Lights !!!



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    Remotes have IR LED's, You cant use those for regular projects...

    you are correct! I was about to comment but I read yours. Also, remotes have surface mounted LEDs but they are so tiny at times it's not worth trying to remove them.

    Wow, who here thinks if you can remove LED's from a PCB, your probably smart enough not to touch much else? just a thought, and besides, if they want to be a live test subject for a taser, I'd love to see that one on the news....


    When I was 9 (mid '80s) I used to dismantle my my 19" B/W TV and pull the capacitor and shock my older brother when he was sleeping after a long day of sibling abuse.

    He'd leave me alone for a while, at least until he forgot how much it hurt.

    I bow down to your ingenuity in sibling torture, wish I had thought about that hahahahahahaha.....would have done good with all them swirlies and atomic wedgies....

    My dad to do that as a kid, With a 300V Electrolytic Capacitor!

    May I share the Almighty Massive Toe Pound? When in close contact, grab your opponent's foot around the toes and squeeze. Proceed to pound the crap out of the exposed digits. It doesn't hurt but it's VERY ANNOYING and your victim will scream anyways for fear of implied damage! ;.P

    I'll admit I laughed! xD
    You are the Payback Master! :D

    Ebay has 100 white 5mm LEDs for £1.15, 100 assorted LEDs for £1.75 (yes, all the way from China).

    Still, right from my childhood I learned a lot from taking things apart.

    Sometimes I even got them back together again.

    i have found quitre a few interesting sites. just by reading the comments.