Where to Get Capacitors.





Introduction: Where to Get Capacitors.

Capacitors are almost in all electronics. Im going to show you how to get them. Touch the wires on the capacitor with a screw driver before touching it. That will discharge it, and there will be a huge spark if the capacitor is fully charged.

Step 1: Tools

All you need is a soldering iron.

Step 2: From Old Motherboards.

find the one that you want. Then flip the motherboard over and desolder the wires.

Step 3: Inside Remote Controlled Cars.

do the same as last step. I already desolderd the capacitors on the remote control car.

Step 4: Have Fun.



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    Electronic goldmine, Mouser electronics, are a few places to get some high farad caps and amazon has a few.

    I have de-soldered a lot of components in my life, and I know there's a bit more to it than... well you haven't actually said how to do it and your images are very dark.
    You and I know how to do this, but can you explain how in a bit more detail?


    ok thanks for the tip

    How do you do mutli-pin things, I had a really hard-time on some switches. I had to get physical an drill them out...


    A trick that worked for me when I was trying to remove some relays was to get the solder melting and then hit it with a blast of air from an air compressor.  (In a safe direction of course!)  It blows the solder right out and then just move on to the next pin.

    That's good (if you've got air) I can see it working.


    mabye if you blow really hard?
    if its 4-5 pins i usually lay the irons tip flat against all the pins at once and romove then, or break away the board if im going to trash it

    Been there, done that, moved on.

    Yea, I have pretty much stopped that unless it is a last resort. That solder pot must be nice, how much did it run you?

    Around $150 It is handy for a few tasks though. It's probably saved me more in beat soldering tips alone by now. it retinns burnt tips like nothing else can.