Step 2:

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The rear of the machine shows the hand crank that is built similarly to the top shaft:  1/2" aluminum rod run through the frame that is bushed with brass tubing.  The lower drive shaft has two wooden pulley on it that I also turned out of cherry.  These pulleys have a v notch cut into the edge to track the rubber drive bands.  The pulleys have a small wooden hub screwed into the SIDE of the pulley which the hub has a insert in it where a screw runs through it and grips the shaft.  File a small flat on the shaft to help land the screw.

Note that each of the leyden jars exterior aluminum foil surface is bonded to a brass strap which in turn is bonded to the other jar.  This grounds the two jars exterior to help  draw in charge to the internal foil surface.  I used a very thin film of rubber cement in the jar then smoothed the foil onto it with a smooth wooden stick.  Pre-cut & test fit the foil forst and pre-smooth it before fitting it inside.