Step 3: Preparing your heating core.

Picture of Preparing your heating core.
Step 2.
Break open your soldering iron.
This will vary based on the model of soldering iron you use. On mine there was a metal tube which holds up the tip and heating core. I opened this up by prying at the seem using needle nosed pliers. The handle need to then be cut open. Remove the little grip piece first. I sawed perpendicular to the handle. This meant that I needed to cut the wires to the soldering iron in order to remove the heating core. This increases how much of a fire hazard your vaporizer will be. You could alternately cut parallel to direction of the handle and then pry it open. This wouldn't require you to cut the cord to the soldering iron core, but it may be more difficult.
Step 2b.
Tape up the soldering iron leads. The core, as you can see, is a core with two wires running off of it, these wires then hook to the plug cord. There's exposed wire where the two woven leads meet the plug cord. This is to save radio shack some money (that's what that little yellow thing in the iron was for). Don't worry about the specifics of the iron, just make sure that before you plug anything in you've put electrical tape over any exposed wires. If you cut your iron cord, fix it up now. Solder it, or use the twisty caps, and then make sure you put some electrical tape over it!
J_M_Ped5 years ago
I was wondering, did you stick a different piece of wire inside the heater core, because it looks like you did.
syphex6 years ago
syphex6 years ago
Why even bother stripping it down? Can't you just take the screwdriver-like end out? Cuz I stripped my second iron down to the wire coil and it looks like I might as well have left it as it is and just taken out the tip.
qpmarl7 years ago
hey man, just cut the plug off the cord - then get a replacement plug at a hardware store - fire hazard thwarted.
THeff8 years ago
dude i like the thermometer idea, it should work fine, and i like the dimmer switch idea, i am currently waiting for my bud to get paid so we can buy parts, then i will put everything together and getcha some pics
THeff8 years ago
good thinknig man, way to save my ass in the future , im currently looking for a way to put in a temp dial
THeff8 years ago
there was no seam on mine so i got a lil confused cuz i was high, but i used a saw to get to it, thanx man
vapoking (author)  THeff8 years ago
You might consider buying one of those wall timers so that if you leave your vaporizer plugged in by accident it will only run as long as you set the timer for. That way when you get stoned you don't accidentally leave the vaporizer on and burn down your apartment/house/shanty ;) I'm going to get one ASAP. Tell me how your vaporizer goes!
THeff8 years ago
could you give more info like steps to taking it apart and pics deffanatly pics, please.