With fathers day coming up I decided to make a pie that is simple for children ,and others, to bake for their Dads Grandfathers etc.

Step 1: Ingredients and Equipment

Sugar-A few teaspoons for the cream
M&M's- A handful, optional but recommended
Whipping Cream- One tub, no canned whipping cream here
Peanut Butter- I used chunky but smooth would work too
Shortcrust Pastry or a Pie Crust- I have a block of premade shortcrust, homemade is optional
Butter- A small amount to grease the tin

A Knife- Any shape or size will do
A Palette Knife- Or anything to spread the peanut butter
A Whisk
A Mixing Bowl
A Pie Tin
A Spoon
A Rolling Pin

A Circular Object Bigger Than Your Pie Tin- To cut a circle to do the sides and base
A Piping Bag- Optional
Greaseproof Paper- Essential
Sounds delicious! I'm a huge fan of whipped cream!
The existence of this recipe is dangerous to my sanity.. I WILL BE MAKING THIS! Sounds and looks amazing. might add a small layer or nutella on top of the peanut butter layer, but it's got a lot of flavour diversity already.. Whatever I do, I can't wait, thanks mate
Thanks but I'll give you a tip. KEEP IT IN A SAFE. You will eat yourself to sickness otherwise. I learned that the hard yet extremely tasty way. <br>

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