All you need is 2 packs of jello, water, and a container of cool whip.  To make it extra fall festive, I chose orange and red jello (apricot and rasberry).  If you can boil water and stir, you can make this.  The longest part is letting it set.  It's less than $5 to make, and you can make it sugar free by using ... sugar free jello and whip cream.  

Step 1: Make first Layer

I used the apricot for the bottom layer.  Follow the instruction on the pack.  After you make it, pour it into the bowl you are using, or if you are copying me, into the different glasses.  I tried to eyeball them and make them even, and one pack was enough to fill 6 glasses.  Put them in the fridge and start them setting.
thanks for the tip, I'm making it again this weekend, and that will help a lot!
Yum!<br />I wonder if the bottom layer would be even more fun made with something carbonated?<br /><br />Protip: put a spoon on top of the first layer and pour the second layer onto the spoon to avoid poking into the original layer.

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