My boyfriend and me are saving money for a wellness weekend. Whenever we make some extra money, he tells me to put it in the "pool" for the wellness weekend. So I decided to make a "real pool" to put our saved money in.

It's actually very simple to make and it looks really nice! It took me about 1h to make it (inclusive baking time of the polymer clay).

Step 1: Material

All you need is a metal box (like an old cookie box or something) and polymer clay.

I took FIMO which is a brand of polymer clay. You can shape it and mix colors like with putty, but after making the shapes you can put it in the oven, bake it and then its hard. The nice thing about it is, that it's not changing size during baking, so usually it won't form cracks or anything like that.
Love it!!
Thank you very much!
Cute idea. Wish you "pools" of money!!
Thanks! I could really use that :).
Ha. This is sooo cool! I wish my girlfriend would do something like that!!
Its super cute. Thanks for sharing.
Thank you!

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