Step 2: Materials List

• 1-Oak Half Barrel w/ Hoops
• Barstool frames (up to 4)
• Zink Coated Phillips Screws (per barstool)
14 - #10 x 1-1/2” Oval Head
8 - #10 x 1-1/4” Pan Head
9 - #12 x 5/8” Pan Head
• 1 qt. 'Spar' exterior polyurethane - oil based
• 1/2 pt. Wood Stain - oil based
• Sandpaper - Belts (80 grit)
• Sandpaper - Sheets (120 & 220 grit)
Optional *
* 1 pt. Rust Remover (for barrel hoops)
* 1 qt. Wood Bleach (oxalic acid)
Brilliant. I have some similar chairs with some kind of non-plastic wicker on them that have been beaten by the sun. <br>This would be a brilliant option. <br>I'll keep my eyes open for some cheap wine barrels. <br>Thank you very much for the inspiration. <br>
Thanks for the good words. Scout the big-box home improvement centers. This time of year you may find half-barrels that have fallen apart and they will sell for $10-15.
Fantastic. I am re-inspired to use the full length barrel stave I have stacked up in my junk room. Good looking chairs!
Thanks. Try these three shortcuts to save some time. #1: Skip the bleaching process by sanding the staves down to the bare wood on both sides; #2: Take off the rust on the hoops with a 50/50 mix of linseed oil and mineral spirits and when dry, spray them with clear spar urethane; #3 Use a combination stain and spar urethane spray product which eliminates the two-step satin and finish process plus this cuts way down on the dry times.
They turned out really nice
Appreciate the compliment. These will last a long time..
Great! I have some old wine barrels and the chairs... now I only need time to put them all together. :-)

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