Whiskey Pallet Table


Introduction: Whiskey Pallet Table

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These tables were made from Upcycled pallet wood with very little hardware. The base was made by using joinery techniques and wood dowels to lock the frame together.

  1. Hand chiseled joints create a puzzle effect that slides together.
  2. Different methods of staining created the patch work look to the top panels.
  3. A hand cut stencil was then applied and a dry brush technique helped give it a relic look.
  4. A matching end table was also made to match the coffee table.



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    Love the table, might make a similar one myself. Think you misspelled "bourbon"..

    Your hand cut stencil could definitely be an instructable too! Nice work!

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    Great Idea! I might have to document the next one I do a little closer.

    very talented and professional looking. I would want this for an entertainment room.

    1 reply

    Thank you. I hope to be producing these very soon as custom orders.

    Thanks for the kind words. I've been having a fun time learning a new craft.