Drunken Swine presents
Natural wood whiskey barrel wall quartz clock.
Case - piece of unique oak barrel.
Movement - Quartex premium.

Step 1: Buying the Barrel

First you need to buy new oak barrel.

Step 2: Moonshining

Then you must make grain moonshine & fill your barrel.
The barrel must store in cold, dark & damp place 2-5 years.
For detailed instructions see http://homedistiller.ru or http://homedistiller.org

Step 3: Drying-out

WARNING! For this step you'll need to have a good health & help your friends!
You must drink all whiskey with good company.

Step 4: Open Out

Next morning (evening) if you remember your name you can take the saw & try to dismember your barrel. Use the rest of whiskey as liquid leveler. If you have not any more whiskey use the beer.

Find & mark the center of the dial (barrel's bottom). Drill the hole in this point. Use drill for wood 8 mm. diameter. Drill from face to inside.

Prepare the hook. Make the hollow & mount the hook with the screws.

Step 5: Finishing

Mount the movement to the dial.
Break your mind with hands choosing. Mount & dismount different hands until you satisfied.
Insert the battery & mount to the wall. Invite your friends for barrel clock party.
Thats all folks!
Можно не пилить бочку - это жалко и дорого - а заказать срез у производителя бочек - bochki-tuapse.ru
Талантливые люди, талантливы во всём!<br> Аптекарь
968=FJT5?-YT%... )))))
That's excellent.<br><br>Maybe, in another iteration, the numbers could be branded into the wood.
Thank you Kiteman!<br>I planned to do copper handmade hands &amp; numeral dots (Whiskey make on copper distillators) but copper details looks not well &amp; non-contrast. I was braked my mind...
Oh, another idea - why not use wrought-iron house numerals?
<br>Today I'll receive new stainless stell hands. It must looks with stainless hoops.<br>Then I'll try to select some dots or slashes. Dots like goblets will looks fine.<br>Another idea! Industrial barrels marked with laser. I wanna win laser cutter! )))))<br>
Haha, don't we all?
love it
Thank you jjd771!

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