Picture of Whiskey barrel clock
Drunken Swine presents
Natural wood whiskey barrel wall quartz clock.
Case - piece of unique oak barrel.
Movement - Quartex premium.

Step 1: Buying the barrel

Picture of Buying the barrel
First you need to buy new oak barrel.

Bambar2 years ago
Можно не пилить бочку - это жалко и дорого - а заказать срез у производителя бочек - bochki-tuapse.ru
Andy-1113 years ago
Талантливые люди, талантливы во всём!
Dr.Swine (author)  Andy-1113 years ago
968=FJT5?-YT%... )))))
kir833 years ago
Kiteman3 years ago
That's excellent.

Maybe, in another iteration, the numbers could be branded into the wood.
Dr.Swine (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
Thank you Kiteman!
I planned to do copper handmade hands & numeral dots (Whiskey make on copper distillators) but copper details looks not well & non-contrast. I was braked my mind...
Oh, another idea - why not use wrought-iron house numerals?
Dr.Swine (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

Today I'll receive new stainless stell hands. It must looks with stainless hoops.
Then I'll try to select some dots or slashes. Dots like goblets will looks fine.
Another idea! Industrial barrels marked with laser. I wanna win laser cutter! )))))
Haha, don't we all?
Chumlee3 years ago
love it
Dr.Swine (author)  Chumlee3 years ago
Thank you jjd771!