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Introduction: Whisky Sour

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Whisky sour is a known cocktail, that is very simple to make as you can see in this guide.

Step 1: Watch Video

Step 2: Materials

For this cocktail you will need:




A serving glass.

A shaker.


Measuring cup.

Step 3:

Fill shaker with:

Whisky- 45 ml.

1 lemon's juice.

2 teaspoons of sugar.

A handful of ice.

Then, shake, pour add ice and garnish with lemon.

And mos important.. Enjoy!

Step 4: That's It

Hope you guys enjoyed this guide, please vote if you did :}

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    Perfect. Are you a bartender? Will it be nice to put a pinch of mint in it? I feel it will go well with the drink

    1 reply

    I'm not a bartender, though I started learning about it and I am familiar with a few bartenders. I believe mint will go well with this cocktail, try and tell me how did it go. I'll try too.

    Now, people would flip out if they even thought you had given alcohol to a child...

    1 reply

    I actually was 18 then so not really a child but of course this guide is made for adults

    My father use to give me this for a persistent cough when I was a kid. Sooths the throat and helps to sleep.

    1 reply

    Cool, i didn't know it was a throat remedy...

    And i think that every alcohol helps to sleep.

    Ohh and my father once gave me tea with brandy for a sore throat that really helped.