White Board Eraser Head - Office Black Opps Surviging Tip

Picture of White Board Eraser Head - Office Black Opps Surviging Tip
What is the problem?
Well, I must admit that I am one of those persons who are very detail focused, especially when it is about destroying things. I like to erase stuff... surgically erasing stuff. But we have some real issues with white boards. The standard eraser nukes too much on an area. 
Furthermore, I have a crazy, productivity-minded, management. Time is money, blablabla. I am French... we see things differently, especially working time, don't push me on this subject or I'll strike! Reaching the eraser while you already have a pen in the hand is pure waste of time and energy. This is a real occupational healthcare risk. This is bad and each time you do that a kitty dies somewhere in the world under a german car wheel. Let's fix that and keep german cars clean of moronic kitties.

What is the mission?
- Erasing and faking figures of KPIs on your neighbor's dashboards. 
- I want to make it low cost.
- I want it sharp, thin, elegant.
- I want to see it around all white boards.

What do you need?
- A white board pen.
- A white board eraser tissue.
- A rubber band or whatever is available around to fasten something around a cylinder (tape...).
- Scissor.

Total cost of the project:
- Well... it is office supply-based. As all office supply, this has to be stolen. So, steal the stuff on the desk of your line manager. 

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Step 1:

Picture of
1 - Start by flattening your white board eraser sheet.
2 - Use something round as a guide and draw a circle of about 5-7cm in diameter next to one of the corner.
3 - Cut out the disc.
4 - Cut the remaining quater of the tissue.

Step 2: Core forming

Picture of Core forming
5 - Form a ball with the squarish part of the eraser sheet that wat cut during step 4. Try to adjust its circumference to the one of the pen.
6 - Wrap the disc above this ball and fold it around the body of the pen.

macmarie1 year ago

love it