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Introduction: White House Ornament

This is a Christmas ornament of the Republican Elephant and Democratic Donkey standing side by side, which I made using Tinkercad as a part of my high school engineering class. It represents how, regardless of our differing opinions, we can work together to make the world a better place. This was a lot of fun to make. I hope you like it!

Step 1: Republican Elephant

Republican Elephant:

  • torso and legs made of rectangular prisms
  • back made of stretched cylinder
  • trunk made by overlapping rectangular prisms and cylinders, with holes
  • stars then added on to torso

Step 2: Democratic Donkey

Democratic Donkey:

  • head/neck/torso made by overlapping stretched cylinders
  • legs made of hexagonal prisms and exclamation points (with the points removed)
  • hooves made by overlapping cubes, triangular prisms, and cylinders
  • tail made of bubble-less speech bubble + stretched cylinder
  • ears made by arm/head of gingerbread man shape (community)
  • stars then added onto torso

Step 3: Put Them Together

The Elephant and Donkey were then connected by their torsos, and a ring was added on top to hang from the tree



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    Great job with this! I am very impressed with you hand making the shapes for the donkey and the elephant!

    Nicely designed - a good incorporation of the two shapes.