Introduction: White House Ornament 2014

I used Solidworks 2014 to design the Ornament for the 2014 White House Ornament Challenge.

Hope you like my Ornament.

Step 1: Designed My Ornament in Solidworks 2014

Designing in Solidworks

Step 2: Import and Prepare File for 3D Printing

Imported into Simplify3D and Repaired the file

Repair Normals and Non Manifold edges

Set your 3D Printer Settings and PRINT!

Step 3: Download the Ornament File

Ornament .STL File


wilgubeast made it! (author)2014-11-10

This looks excellent. Don't forget to upload the file, though!

stevebrown559 made it! (author)stevebrown5592014-11-10

Done, Sorry for the oversight

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