The White House Holiday Tree! 3D modeling of ornament.

Step 1: Create Rounded Cone.

Many ways to make this, but hollow it out. I did 0.10 in walls.

Step 2: Adding Stars Vertically

Create a line of stars that taper in size. Then cut/extrude this feature and do a circular pattern of this feature. 3 instances equal distance.

Step 3: Add Bows.

Create swoops/bows to mimic branches and circular pattern them the same way as stars.

Step 4: Round Off the Bottom to Bows

Add rounded skirt to bottom to accent the swoops/Bows and give a ornate base.

Step 5: Tree Topper!

Add elongated diamond to tree top. Create chamfers on sides of diamond. Do the same thing in the horizontal.

Step 6: The Solidworks Model. STL Format Also Included Above.

<p>Nice work! Way to squeeze in extra details. This one has East Wing written all over it. </p>
<p>Thank you Wilgubeast! </p>

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