Introduction: Sleigh on the White House

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This Instructable will detail how to print out an ornamental decoration for the holiday season!

Step 1: Model the Ornament in 3D

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To begin printing your own ornament you need to first have a 3D model of the design that you like. For this step you can either create a custom design of your own (for my design I used Solidworks) or you can simply download the design that is attached to this Instructable.

Step 2: Import the .STL File Into a Slicer

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The next step is to place the .STL file of your design into a slicer of your choosing. If you downloaded a design then you can simply import the file directly. If you created your own design then you will need to first open your preferred CAD software and click FILE > SAVE AS then save your design as a .STL extension.

If you are unsure of what a slicer is or what slicing software you should be using I suggest any of the following:

- MakerBot Desktop (I am using this, but it is specifically geared towards MakerBot replicators)

- Repetier Host

- Slic3r

Step 3: Export Your Design From the Slicer to a 3D Printer Friendly File

Picture of Export Your Design From the Slicer to a 3D Printer Friendly File

Once your settings are to your liking you can export your file from your slicer software into a file that will eventually be interpreted by your 3D printer and printed into the physical world.

Step 4: Print!

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Now that your file is compatible with your 3D printer, you can print it! Watch your ideas and concepts come to life!

Note: Always watch the first layers print to make sure that nothing goes wrong, but after that it should be fine if left alone.


mparker07 (author)2014-11-11

Very cool design and nice resolution print out of the Makerbot! Did you use a Makerbot 5th gen or the 2X?

shanek21 (author)mparker072014-11-11

Thank you very much! I actually used a Replicator 2 to print this design.

sean_sylvester1 (author)2014-11-09

That's amazing print quality! Which printer did you use?

shanek21 (author)sean_sylvester12014-11-11

Thanks! I used a MakerBot Replicator 2.

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-11-09

It's so detailed, it's awesome! I love how it looks when it's lit up!

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