White Perch Fishing Guide





Introduction: White Perch Fishing Guide

White perch is one of the best tasting freshwater fish in the south. This guide can tell you how to catch them.

Step 1: Materials

Little Jewel 12 foot graphite pole




Split Shot

Step 2: Rigging the Pole

Put your cork on your line. Add a hook by tying a Trilene knot. Then add the split shot above your hook and then pressing the two "ears" together with your teeth or a pair of pliers.

Step 3: Baiting Your Pole

Take a shiner and put the hook through the eye of the shiner closest to the nose or mouth.

Step 4: Fish

Now go rip em and lip em.

Step 5: What I Would With the Prize.

I would use these prizes to make new instructables. I would also use these tools to make my outdoor experience better. So please vote.



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    Those are Crappie where I'm from. very nice ones

    those are definitely crappie as we have both species here in Jersey. Nice looking crappies!

    Those fish have more names than Hillary Clinton so call them what you like !

    The first picture here is Crappie the second is white perch.... both lots of fun but very different fish


    I love fishy instructables as a fish nerd (www.fishnerds.com) this one is tough for me. You have misidentified your fish. These are crappie members of the sunfish family. Super fun and yummy fish but they are not white perch. Interestingly White Perch are not members of the perch family either they are temperate bass like stripers... keep on fishing and teaching others, but spend a little time doing your fishy homework

    Depends on how deep the water is

    we don't want to discourage you but a picture from the set up (hook+line+split shot+float) would be really helpful, also the distance between them is helpful for beginners. thanks for the tips.

    These are Crappie. Perch do not have dorsal spins, nor do they have a distinctive anal fin such as these crappie. The black dot over top of the gill slits is a big indicator as well.