For this year's costume, I decided to create a "Dark Alice in Wonderland" outfit, complete with a ghoulish White Rabbit purse.
Supplies that you will need:
--White rabbit toy that is about life-sized (I got mine from "Toys R Us")
--Awl or Icepick if your scissors don’t have sharp points
--Large embroidery needle
--Black embroidery thread (I used Perl Cotton size5 - Black is #310)
--Scrap of red fabric - at least 12"x12"
--Small flexible cutting mat (can get from a kitchen store normally, but I actually found mine at a flea market)
--Jewel-it fabric glue (it's formulated to glue plastic to fabric)
--36" length of chain (I used an old chain belt I had laying around)
--(2) 2" metal rings (can be gotten from a fabric store)
--(2) Needle nose pliers
--Accessories – red paint, glowstick

Step 1: Prepping the Bunneh!

Step 1! – Prepping the Bunneh!

Because this is an Alice based costume, it was important to get a white rabbit for accuracy. This purse idea can be used on any stuffed animal that has sufficient room to be practical and a bit ghoulish.

As much as I love dark and creepy things, even I had a little trouble cutting the rabbit toy open at the start. If your pair of scissors doesn’t have needle sharp tips, use an awl or sharp ice pick to start a pilot hole for the scissors to cut from.

It doesn’t matter which side you start the cut, you just want to make sure that you make the incision straight and from around the chest to the rear of the rabbit (see photo).

The stuffing will likely be polyfill, but my rabbit was also part bean-bag so there were little pellet pouches mixed in with the fluff. Thankfully these little pouches were sewn shut or else it could have gotten really messy.

Pull the stuffing out of the chest and belly cavity, but be sure to leave filling in the legs and head so the rabbit will maintain its general form.

This is SICK! I Love it! Hahaha. I have a Real White bunny as a pet! See photo!

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