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About: Very creative,widowed twice, 2 lovely boys with families, international polytech student homestay. Run a small biz-see webpage.

This eggsquisite Goose Egg and box was designed and made for Yulia Townsend and Glyn MacLeans wedding on Feb 2008 by Glenis Thomas. The egg was used to hold the wedding rings at the fabulous ceremony in the Christchurch Great Hall.

It is lined with silk and sits on a 24k gold plated stand. The gold filigrees and Swarovski crystals were used to decorate it.

Yulia is a Russian born Popera singer now residing in New Zealand and is famous for her voice of great beauty.



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    Hello Glenis,

    I have just started this art/craft. May I ask, do you glue the ostrich egg to the top of the base or is it secured another way. Your work is breathtaking and such an inspiration. Judy

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    Hi Judy,

    Yes, you will need to use a 5 minute epoxy glue (2 parts mixed) to glue the egg to the stand. I mix the glue welI (you have 5 minutes) put it onto the edges of the stand (you don't want to see the glue) put the stand on cardboard on a shelf at eye level (on top of my bookcase) then carefully lower the egg onto the stand. I use a ruler to check it is even, turning the cardboard as I go. This way you can make little adjustments to get it straight. I wait to make sure it doesn't move and keep checking it by turning the cardboard and measuring. The way to know if the glue has set is to leave your mixing toothpick in the remaining glue and it should snap when you try to remove it.
    Do have a look on my facebook. I have my clever friends eggs on there and they are beautiful. https://www.facebook.com/eggspert1

    Hi Glenis,

    Thanks so much. This will be very helpful. The egg seems so heavy to be secured that way that I was concerned. I think I better buy an egg marker and a carving drill ! The Eggs on your Facebook page are lovely. Do you have a web site ?

    Hi Judy,
    I always seal my eggstand with a clear metal varnish. This keeps it bright and tarnish free. Make sure the stand you are putting it on is big enough for an ostrich egg. You can balance it by putting the stand onto a corian base. This gives it more stability too.
    Some people like to fill the hollow in the top of the stand with the epoxy glue mixed with shredded pieces of soft tissue to give more grip.
    An egg market to an egger is like an over-locker to a sewer. Indispensible!
    I always cut towards me moving the hand that holds the egg rather than the drill. Concentrate on the line not the cutting disc this helps to cut straight.
    I hope to get a website one day just for my eggs. There is www.wotzon.com/w/eggart. These eggs were done so long ago. I do have www.blueberryrecipes.biz for my book.
    Let me know if you need advice with any egging questions - happy to help.

    Hi, this is simply stunning!!!!....i just love your pieces of art....i've just started out in egg craft with my daughters and find it to be quite rewarding, they make lovely gifts for friends and family...I can only dream to become as talented as yourself...Kitt

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    Hi Kitt, Thank you. I appreciate your kind comments.
    Practice and perseverence is what will get you there. Read everybook on egg art and study peoples work, this is a great way to learn. Take your time, never hurry. Do spend time on your foundation work. If I can help in any way - I teach egg art - I am just an email away.
    Regards, Glenis
    here are some photos of my latest work.


    Hello Glenis,
          thankyou for your email.I just love your work. These are beautiful .How long did it take to create these?Also do you know of any eggers in the Basingstoke area?....I would love to get together with others who share the same interest....my hubby and  daughters are also interest ed in this craft.

    Hi Kitt,

    These took many hours. The large one is an emu and the other is a goose egg. I did enjoy doing them and was using the hydrangea theme.
    Linda martin Egg Designs or Eggstravaganza should be able to put you in touch with other eggers near you. Have look on the International Egg Artistry Guild site. There are many eggers in the UK. I hope you find a good teacher.
    It's wonderful that you are all keen to learn. It is so much fun.
    Let me know how you get on.


    your work is stunning, I hope you win, Iam totally besotted by your work

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    Thank you! That is so encouraging. I hope to produce a book on 'Egg Art in New Zealand' with tutorials and lots of pictures. Keep in touch at www.wotzon.com/w/eggart

    Very elegant! And I love the box for presenting the egg. It ties together very well!

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    Many Thanks! The box was a challenge as I had to make sure it looked good but made the egg secure in transit. I bought some dense foam, cut it in half, hollowed out enough for the base to fit in and glued that to the bottom of the box and hollowed out enough to hold the dome and glued that in the lid. It worked well!

    Thank you. Love what you do too especially the roses on the beaded trellis egg! Amazing the variety that is displayed here. It's fun to see what others do with eggs. I am into simple elegance with fine detail type eggs. I love to fiddle!!!

    Thank you! Faberge is my inspiration! Yes, it is moi!

    Thanks! I really enjoyed making this one for Yulia. see www.yulia.co.nz Beautiful voice!