White Leather Hairband





Introduction: White Leather Hairband

Heres another leather hairband I made.You will need leather,scissors,needle and thread,glue gun,petal template..or you could just make one up,you will need a large one and a smaller one.and a plain hairband and jewel or crystal.

Step 1:

cut up the leather,making 5 petals for the bottom and 4 smaller petals and two small circles for the middle of each flower.Scrunch up each petal and sew the bottom.Sew the petals together tightly into a flower.Stick a small circle in the middle,then do the same to the other petals.

Step 2:

Stick the smaller flower on top of the big flower,stick the other circle on top and then stick the jewel on that.Cut out a larger circle a few inches smaller than the flower and stick to the back of the hairband,then stick the flower to that,sandwiching the hairband .I used the lid of a jar of baby food :) .. There you go! Enjoy! Wimzi*



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    That is really cute! I love that you layered two flowers. It really makes it look great.

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    Thank you :)