Also known as a variety of fruit with whipped topping from a tub. A classic.

Step 1: What You'll Need...

  • a small tub (about 8 oz will do it!) of whipped topping (cool whip or something like it!)
  • 6-8 cups of fruit, various kinds, can be fresh or frozen
  • a lemon or lime
  • a big bowl
  • a big spoon
I'm using all fresh except for the blueberries. I'm doing mango, strawberries, and pineapple for this batch. :D

Step 2: Cut Up the Pineapple.

 Throw it in the bowl.

Step 3: Cut Up the Strawberries.

 Throw them in the bowl.

Step 4: Cut Up the Mango.

 (Using this fantastic ible: www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Cut-A-Mango/ )

Throw it in the bowl.

Step 5: Dump the Blueberries in the Bowl.


If you've got any fresh mint on hand, tear some up and throw it in!

Step 6: Lime Time!

 Roll the lime on the counter top to release the juices, and then juice half of it over the bowl and mix. :)

Step 7: Add the Whipped Cream and Eat!

 Just mix it all around so the whipped cream gets on every piece of fruit. 

Enjoy! ^_^
love the title and the recipe!It looks good.
There's a related Weight Watchers recipe--it uses a can of juice-pack pineapple, four diced apples (I think granny smiths are the best, because of their tartness), a package of sugar-free, fat -free butterscotch instant pudding mix, and a 20oz tub of "lite" whipped topping. You mix evereything together, including thenjuice from the pineqpple. It's called "caramel apple salad" and it's pretty yummy--and easy-peasy. I suppose you could use fresh pineapple, but you'd have to add a wee tad bit of fruit juice to make up the juice from the canned. My hub loves it, and I've served it to "company", not teling them it's a "diet" recipe, and they polish it off and ask for the recipe!
Gotta love the name. And a great intro photo too, was it from on top of a shelf or something? <br />
&nbsp;The corner of my craft table, haha. Light was failing and it was the sunniest place in the apartment. :P
.&nbsp; You're on a roll! Keep it up.<br />
&nbsp;Sadly this is the last on them for a bit until school is done and I find a place to live, haha. :P
Upcoming Instructable: Finding a Place to Live!<br />
I like the use of titles for the instructions!<br />
nice lookin salad ! (Is it me or has it been a while&nbsp; scince your last ible&nbsp;? )<br />
&nbsp;It has been forever! But I'm hoping to do lots this summer. :)
I love this :0) I've had it with sour cream too
I'm thinking there's gotta be a way to deep fat fry the whole thing for the full &quot;white trash&quot;&nbsp;effect.&nbsp; Or maybe at least cut up a few Twinkies and toss 'em in.<br /> <br /> This is a great recipe for lazy chefs like me. &nbsp;Keep up the good work...<br />
&nbsp;Hahaha, I bet this would be delicious deep fried. Twinkies would also be a nice touch. :D
I'm thinking you'd have to freeze it hard first and then &quot;flash fry&quot;&nbsp;it at extremely high heat, much as is done with fried ice cream.&nbsp; Possibly dusting the hard mass with powdered sugar might be a way to get the surface to caramelize quickly.&nbsp; I'm not sure just what the properties of the oils in artificial whipped cream are, so I'm not sure but what those wouldn't caramelize to form a crust to keep it all in.<br /> <br /> When you're done, you can then drain the fry grease, mix it with sodium hydroxide and methanol, and make biodiesel out of it -- thereby making a carbon neutral white trash dessert. &nbsp;And this is important when you consider the amount of petroleum products that go into most ingredients for true white-trash cooking, artificial whipped toppings being near the top of the list for &quot;unburned hydrocarbons.&quot;<br />
I love the title! haha<br /> <br /> This actually looks so nice :)<br />
&nbsp;It's one of my favorites, plus people really like it even though it's the easiest thing ever. :D
Aren't you missing those tiny little marshmallows?<br />
&nbsp;I don't care for marshmallows or nuts in my fruit salad... then we're basically talking ambrosia salad, which is another name for sugar crashing. :P

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