WhiteScanner3D Mark 2 Video


Introduction: WhiteScanner3D Mark 2 Video

Video of the 2.nd version of my project WhiteScanner (inspired by the Milkscanner)

First version of WhiteScanner

Milkscanner who gave me the inspiration for this project



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    wouldn't it work way better with a fluid with lower surface tension?

    Where i can download this software ? (I don't speak english very well)

    great. could you please distribute the software? I would like to try it myself. I had a few problems with milkscanner, like not saving.

    hey nice! I am working on a similar software update for the milkscanner! Keep up the good work!

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    Thanks =)
    My next improvement on this software is the renderer, I'm thinking about making the renderer to generate a point cloud from the depth Image instead of just apply it on a surface as a displacement map.