Step 4: Glue the whiteboard to the plywood

Picture of Glue the whiteboard to the plywood
Glue like crazy. I used Liquid Nails. Everywhere. Almost a whole tube on just the top, actually. Then put the whiteboard top on and put heavy objects on top to keep everything tight. You may want to open a window and turn on a fan, as that much Liquid Nails has a stronger odor than you might realize at first.
swaweet (author) 2 years ago
By whiteboard I mean dry erase board. In regard to table stability, that's not a trait that I really tested, and it wasn't an issue. The legs are large squares, and the bottom surface of the plywood is in contact with 4 (total) good-sized rectangles on the legs. The way I show it built is pretty sturdy. If you are concerned about the strength you could screw wood blocks (sized to fit inside the hollow legs) to the bottom of the plywood and then screw through the sides of the legs into the blocks. The screws wouldn't be visible unless you were under the desk and would help draw everything up tight.
Minimum 0002 years ago
Hey! Thank you so much for posting this. I think it's going to become my go-to solution for a desk. I have the same Ikea storage thing.

I have a question though: even with the pieces of reinforcement wood that you used on the underside of the table top, how do you prevent the table from wobbling if the inside of the legs is hollow? What provides the table's stability?

Thanks so much!
jaldana062 years ago
By "Whiteboard" what do you mean? Do you mean MDF wood? or whiteboard as in a dry erase board?