Whittlin' a Christmas Present





Introduction: Whittlin' a Christmas Present

 A progressive look at the evolution from a hunk of wood to a cherished keepsake intended to show the amount of time invested in wood carkings. The wood is Bocco wood and the only tool uses was a curved blade whittlin' knife. 



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    Where did you get that specific knife from? And how about the wood? Does it come looking all finished like that, or did you use some type of paint lacquer to give it that great shiny oak-like finish??
    -- Please let me know, as this literally is the perfect gift when your running out of ideas for Moms, Dads, Bros, Sis', the whole family and even some close girlfriends if you know their favorite animal..... Thx for any/all info.!!!

    A couple of the knives I made from cold rolled steel. The others and the wood are from woodcraft, a major chain store. The finish is neutral wax shoe polish.

    GREAT! - THX so much for the quick reply & the good info. I appreciate it and I'll be trying my first project this next weekend if everything comes in time. Thanks again!! -- DLewW

    my god...a dremel would certainly expedite this project. but then again powertools are for the weak and inpatient. congratulations on the massive investment of time and energy, i hope the gift was appreciated

    Hi I am 13 years old and I love to wittle I have made a walking stic with intricut designs on it, I have made a bald eagle that all in my opinion look good but my question to you is how do you wittle so much volume of wood and what tools do you use to do that? A chisel Or a knife or a file? Thank you I am very curious.

    Awesome frog!

    Like Momma_Bear said, this is not instructive at all! But, Instructables is The World's Biggest Show And Tell, so good job for showing it!

    I love whittling myself, but I probably can't do this quite yet! Good job on the frog though!

     It's not easy to instruct someone on how to whittle. You take a hunka' wood. Imagine a frog in your mind's eye. Then carve away everything that doesn't look like a frog.
    I learned it from Mr. Miagi. He's a simple soul.

    Ok, that's enough instructions for me!